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Furnaces in St. Louis, MO

Although there may seem like there are many reasons a furnace may not be operating properly, many of these repairs can be handled with ease by a professional. The professionals at Indoor Comfort Team, your St. Louis furnace repair experts, can diagnose possible causes and provide solutions for many common furnace problems:

 The furnace won't run. Check to make sure there is power. A fuse could be blown or a circuit could be tripped. If this doesn't solve your problem, check any separate power switch on or near the furnace itself.  If these solutions don't remedy the problem, we will need to make sure that your furnace didn't suffer a motor overload. Call Indoor Comfort Team for a visit from a professional repair on your furnaces in St. Louis.

 The furnace is noisy. A noisy furnace can be caused by several different issues. Your access panels may be loose—we can make sure that these are mounted and fastened correctly. If the furnace belts are sticking, damaged, or worn, we check for worn or damaged belts and replace. If the ductwork is inadequately sized or if the installation was flawed, a noisier than desired unit can result also. Our professionals can remedy these issues.

Furnace - Furnaces St. Louis, MO

 The furnace isn't producing enough heat. Your thermostat may be set too low. Raise it by 5 degrees to see if this solves the problem. If not, you could have a dirty filter, which requires a cleaning or replacement of the existing filter. A clogged blower can also cause your furnace to produce insufficient heat. Our experienced technicians can clean your blower assembly if necessary.

For fast and accurate furnace repair, St. Louis trusts Indoor Comfort Team. We provide TRANE gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and oil furnaces. St. Louis residents trust our products to heat their home year after year. Beyond performance, our furnaces also provide you with options for energy-efficient operation.

From repair of your existing unit to furnace installation in St. Louis, we provide you with cost savings through energy efficient operation. Contact us to learn more about our furnaces today!

At Indoor Comfort Team, we provide comfort you can trust.
We provide new furnaces by Trane and provide the area's best furnace repairs.
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